How to be sensitive when dealing with women
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How to be sensitive when dealing with women

You’ll need to know how to be responsive if you want to be good in the world of seduction. One of the most important things a woman notices when she looks at a guy is how responsive you are. It’s a true pass-or-fail trait. The lady in your life will be turned off if she doesn’t see a sensitive side of you. Personality is extremely important, particularly if you want to pursue a relationship further.

To begin, it’s critical to comprehend the concept of sensitivity. Sensitivity, or being sensitive, is one of those things that has gotten such a bad reputation that it’s practically a taboo topic. But false impressions are to blame for that, and we can ignore those myths here so we can get on with the business of being a more sensitive man.

Unfortunately, you might believe you’ve already figured it out. But don’t think it’s just a question of self-awareness and a general understanding of the universe. Women look for sensitivity in a man that goes a step further. Or, to put it another way, women seek a certain level of sensitivity in men.

Here’s an example from a movie you might recall: a young couple is walking down a street late at night when the temperature begins to drop. She had conveniently forgotten to bring her coat, while he had remembered to bring his. Despite his own need for the coat, he sees her shivering and quickly offers his coat to her.

That’s a simple illustration. What counts is that the guy recognized his girlfriend’s need and took action to meet it. Furthermore, he made a personal sacrifice for her. This is a significant event. When a guy is more worried with someone else’s well-being than his own, he has a chance to please the ladies.

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