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Communication is such a significant aspect of all relationships, both professional and personal, that it’s no surprise that we need to talk about it here as well. After all, what is communication? It is the verbal and nonverbal two-way contact that takes place. What is said by acts is just as critical as what is said through words, if not more so. But, in this case, we’ll concentrate on the significance of verbal contact and what it means for your relationship. Keep in mind that when I speak about how things affect your relationship, I’m mostly talking about your seduction performance.

We all use words to communicate with one another on a regular basis. However, just like being asked to deliver an impromptu speech, being asked to communicate in a specific situation causes many people to cringe, lock up, and find themselves speechless. What is the reason for this? The reason for this is that when you have to think about what to say, you become unexpectedly concerned about what you’re thinking. However, if you just let it happen without any hopes, everything seems to work out much better.

Consider your past relationships and how communication went wrong in them. Was there something you said in a conversation that you later came to regret? Or was it something she said that you dismissed as insignificant or didn’t hear at all? Or was there a time when you should have said something to her but didn’t, and the consequences were just as bad?

Surely, almost everybody has experienced all of these at some point in their lives. The key is to not let your previous communication deficiencies dictate how you interact in your new relationship now and in the future.

When we hear the word “communication” we immediately think of talking. However, if you’re looking for a decent relationship with romantic potential, the first impression is incorrect. Talking won’t get you anywhere, and it could even make things worse by causing things to fall apart. You want someone else to listen when you talk.

What about the listener, though? When would she have the opportunity to be heard? That’s why it’s so much easier to shift your perspective from merely talking to where you see communication as the continuation of a conversation.

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Jan Oppeneer december 1, 2021
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hi even testje

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