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The best dates are free

Perhaps the best things in life are free. Looking back, the best dates I ever went on didn’t cost much or anything at all.

Traditional dating can be expensive; dinner, which can easily cost $40 or more. Follow that with a movie, which can run another $40 if you buy popcorn, drinks and candy. Suddenly you are close to a hundred dollar evening, and before you know it, all of your extra money for the month has been spent on a date.

Yet it doesn’t have to cost so much. The best thing is that often, romance can be free. An afternoon spent hiking. Having a nice quiet picnic at a park or lake, an afternoon stroll through the forest; All wonderful dates, and they only cost you time.

Here are some more ideas:

An evening spent quietly at home. Cook your favorite dish or make it an adventure and try all new recipes. Watch movies, play a board game or a bottle of wine and the starry night sky.

Visit a local festival or art fair. Many towns and communities have local events, especially in the summer. It’s a good opportunity to experience good food, entertainment and the outdoors.

Go camping. Most campgrounds offer free setups for tents. Spend the evening under the stars. Make smores and relax by the fire. Listen to the crickets. Often the best dates are those that you spend a lot of thought on not money. Anyone can spend money on dinner and a movie, and yet it is truly unique for someone to make a date to go to the farmer’s market and pick out fresh produce for dinner.

First dates at times can be a little tense. Exchange the usual first-date feelings with a more relaxed atmosphere. Instead of the same old Friday or Saturday night first date, try instead a Sunday afternoon stroll through the park! Saturday afternoon ball games work just as well. Ask yourself how you can take the formality out of the situation. Always make sure that you look for activities where you can get to know each other — that’s what first dates are all about.

There are an endless amount of possibilities. Once you get to know her, you will find many different inexpensive date ideas. Even married couples can take advantage of frugal dating.

A date is much more than a dinner; it is spending time getting to know her. When you take the time to find unique ways to spend time together, that time becomes special. You could try something new every time with her or do the same thing every weekend. What really matters isn’t the money you spend, it’s the time. Have fun!

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